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History Revealed, Adolf Hitler Died in Indonesia?

History Revealed, Adolf Hitler Died in Indonesia?
* The figure dr. Poch is Mysterious

Puzzle German dictator Adolf Hitler's death, again so warm conversation. The Daily Telegraph newspaper on 28 September 2009 down to one report, a skull that had been thought to belong to Hitler and stored in Russia turned out, not the skull characters. The History Channel Documentary Program, which was published in the British newspaper explained, the skull is a skull of women who die under the age of 40 years.
With this information, the more open appearance of speculation surrounding the death of World War II figures. During this time, some Nazi leaders believe the world community (Nationalsozialismus) German, committed suicide in one of the bunker in Berlin on 30 April 1945 together with his lover Eva Braun. When Hitler was 56 years of age.
Much more thought, Hitler managed to escape with Eva Braun, then spent his old age in Brazil, Argentina, and other areas in South America. Each party put forward various arguments that reinforce their expectations. A number of documents disclosed and the witnesses spoke.
In addition to the version that has long been recognized the world, there is a version of Indonesia which may be the latest version. In that version be explained about the possibility of Hitler escaped to Indonesia and died in Surabaya. This conjecture is based on the narrative of a doctor in Bandung, Sosrohusodo.
Sosro are medical graduates, University of Indonesia. He wrote his opinion in an article in Mind in 1983. Then in 1994 I met with Sosrohusodo. The result of the interview was published Mind on February 24, 1994 in the form of a fairly long article. Articles that later wara-Wiri in cyberspace lately.
Meeting with Sosrohusodo when it is done at his request. "I am old. However, I still have one big burden that has so far not been revealed, namely the German dictator Adolf Hitler, "he said, while talking on his house Jln. Setiabudhi across campus UPI Bandung. His house is not that big, but large enough yard. Raut looked nervous in the face Sosrohusodo.
He also shows a stack of documents that look shabby. Tied with some bush yarns. Among others, contains old photographs, which show a male and female Caucasian German citizenship, passport, and a diary with shorthand. There is also a photograph of a female Sunda, which he termed as a source of very important and reinforce his theory.
The man in the pictures were named dr. Poch, leader of one general hospital on the island of Sumbawa Besar. Sosro had met several times with Poch, while serving as health workers on the ship that made Hope hospital in 1960.
"Through conversation about his past and physical traits, I believe Poch not people at random. I suspect he is Adolf Hitler's mysterious. Moreover, he was accompanied by a woman who in my opinion she looked like Eva Braun, his girlfriend. However, this belief I buried a very long time. Until I am finished working in the ship Hope, that curiosity has not been answered, "said the man born Gundih Central Java, who was then 63 years old. 

* Left Foot dr. Poch not Normal
Confidence and curiosity at the same time Sosrohusodo reappeared, after more than twenty years later he found the new information. So he had to reconstruct her experiences, re-open records, and poured it in writing. Sosro really challenged to unravel the mystery dr. Poch. At that time, he showed a number of writings he made as diktat.
Foot dragging
From the encounter with Poch, Sosro know left foot doctor is not normal. If the running to be dragged. While her left hand was always shaky. Whiskers were cut short and just left in the middle. Exactly as quoted by the famous comedian Charlie Chaplin. No remains of hair on his head bald alias.
If true Poch is Hitler, when he met Sosro 71 years old. Therefore, Hitler was born in 1889. "I think he was like that, in accordance with its physical appearance. I remember very well his physical condition, because not once met him and talked about it, "said Sosro.
Another thing that made him wonder, it turns out Poch has no medical degree, does not have any license in the health sector. However, it turns out he can lead a hospital. Everyday Poch often wrapped his body with white uniforms, clothing typical of the medical world. As a physician, Poch Sosro ever fishing with a conversation about health.
"Poch did not master the medical world, I know that. From his talk, he does not understand about medicine. It's just more mysterious. So who made him the leader of the hospital. Certainly not just anyone can become one of the leaders of important institutions like that, "said Sosro.
On one occasion visited the residence of Poch, many things the old doctor suggested that it strengthens the case Sosro. For example, when asked about the reign of Hitler, Poch openly praised him. He also rejected the notion of genocide against the Jews in Camp Auschwicz. In fact, in world history camp on this one is a legendary horror story on the heyday of the Nazis.
Poch also admitted to not knowing anything, when asked about the death of Adolf Hitler in 1945 in Berlin. He just told me, things were really chaotic and everyone trying to save themselves. Poch like too much away when asked about the figure of Hitler and Nazi lunge kick.
Almost all the conversations going on, old man who likes to photograph it complained about his left hand trembling. Sosro then asked for permission to examine the neural ulnarisnya. Apparently there is no abnormality. Similarly, with his throat healthy. At that time, Sosro conclude the possibility of "Hitler" was suffering from Parkinson's disease, associated with old age.
Then Sosro assumed, the possibility of disease is due to psychological trauma. "My guess directly diiyakan Poch. I was surprised as well. However, when I asked further since when the disease menghinggapinya, Poch even asked his wife in German. "This happened when Germany lost in battle near Moscow. It was Goebbels said that you beat up the table many times. "His wife said as quoted by Sosro.
Who Goebbels? What is Joseph Goebbels, the journalist who helped the Nazi movement and later became Minister of Propaganda in Hitler's reign? "Do not know let slip or how, some time his wife called Poch as 'Dolf'. Whether this is short for 'Adolf' or not, I'm not so sure. However, that's what I heard directly, 

"he said.
* Writing in the magazine "Age"
Sosrohusodo encounter with "Hitler" colored variety of coincidence. The first accident, when he served in the Ship Hope. The second accident occurred in 1981. After more than 21 years, met with Poch experiences recorded in her mind and recorded in his diary, a nephew came over to Bandung and show mazalah edition of No Age. January 15, 1980.
In the magazine contained an article by Heinz Linge, Hitler's former neighbor, titled "True Stories The Last Day A Dictator". The paper was translated into Indonesian by Try Budi Satria. While showing Age magazine, Sosro explain, in writing it Linge told about the suicide of Hitler and Eva Braun. Then explain about the physical condition of Hitler at that time.
"Several paragraphs in the article made my heart beating hard, like bring me back. Because there is Hitler's traits that I also found in the person of the old German doctor. Especially after I read a biography of Hitler. Overall there are similarities, "says this father of four children.
Heinz Linge wrote, "Some people in Germany know that the Führer since then that happens then he dragged his feet, the left foot. His vision had already started to dim and his hair almost completely grown. Then, when the war escalated and began to push Germany, Hitler began to suffer from muscle cramps. "
In addition, his left hand began to tremble at the time about the battle of Stalingrad did not bring luck for the German army, and he had difficulties to cope with a trembling hand it. At the end of the article, Linge writes, "But I'm grateful that Hitler's corpse and the grave was never found."
The spirit to unravel the mystery Poch Sosrohusodo increasingly passionate in his chest. * The Mysterious 

*Diary of the Nazi Escape Story
SOSROHUSODO find interesting data in a pocket-sized diary belonging Poch. In the book are found in hundreds of shabby address foreigners living in various countries around the world. In many pages there are graffiti hands that are difficult to read. In other parts there are shorthand. Overall speaking German.
"Look at this chart. This book is a lot of talk in an effort Poch disclosure of a mysterious figure. It is not easy, but I am challenged. Maybe it's just a matter of time, "said Sosro, opening the pages of the little book.
Indeed, there is no clear identity of the owner of the book. Only, there are some code consists of numbers that are not clear meaning. On the inside front cover, writing code JR KePaD No. 35 637 and 35 638, with each number marked biological symbol of men and women. "This reinforces my notion, the book belongs to the two people I believe to be Hitler and Eva Braun. They closed their credentials meetings, but still there is a gap that leads to actual reality, "he said.
While the names of states written in the book include Pakistan, Tibet, Argentina, South Africa, and Italy. In one of its pages are written in the Indonesian language means "Flight Organization. Mr. Mrs. Oppenheim replacement. Kruger. Sardegna Roma 79a / 1. Expenses for travel to South America (Argentina) ".
Then, there is one name in the pocket book is often mentioned in the history escape the Nazis, namely Prof. Dr. Draganowitch, or written too Draganovic. Under the name of the Argentine Delegation written Draganovic Imigration da Europa - Genua Val Albaro 38. Separately, more lettering underneath the Vatican. On the other pages mentioned, Draganovic Croatia, Rome via Tomacelli 132.
Sosro then show in October 1983 issue of Essence magazine, which contains the figure of Klaus Barbie alias Klaus Altmann, a former member of the Nazi era German secret police. It says a single address Albaro Val. It added that Draganovic does have close ties with the Vatican of Rome. This professor who helped fugitive Klaus Barbie from Germany to Argentina. In 1983, Klaus was extradited from Bolivia to France, countries that impose the death penalty against him in 1947.
"There are still many addresses in this book that I know are not entirely relevant to the Nazi movement. I am also very careful about this, because the concerns of other countries. I still have to work hard to find everything. I'm sure if the names listed in this booklet is the Nazi fugitives, "he said. * Escape Routes Hitler 

*In Steno Writing
AFTER receiving logbook dr. Poch from Ny. S, Sosrohusodo confused when I have to translate the letters written in shorthand. He asked a few people who understood about stenography. However, they do not understand because it rarely models of shorthand used in the present.
"Finally I wrote a book publisher in the German shorthand, ask for their assistance. Some time later came the answer, please send me an example shorthand that it is German shorthand that has been 'old'. His name Gabelsberger system and has more than 60 years of disuse, "said Sosrohusodo.
Although that case, the publisher promised to find those skilled shorthand Gabelsberger. Apparently the publisher had kept his promise, by sending a shorthand translation into German. Then Sosro translate it into Indonesian.
Title note that less is more "Brief Description of the Individual Pursuit by the Allies and the Local Authority on Year 1946 in Salzburg". Salzburg is a city in Austria. In a written note include, "We both, my wife and I, in 1945 in Salzburg".
It is not clearly explained the identity of "us both" in the note. However, clearly implied that they were both under threat. Among others being chased by the CIC (U.S. Secret Service). "Just a note that described the suffering of people who hunted the security forces," said Sosrohusodo.
In addition, there are also alphabet written in large letters prominently. If sorted, the possibility of a second escape route. The letters are B, S, G, J, B, S, R. According Sosro, how to abbreviate the text as it was Hitler's habit of making notes. "This habit is also found in other literature that I read," he said.
Then he translated and linking it with the possibility of Hitler's escape route. The second man began his escape from B, which means Berlin, then S (Salzburg), G (Graz), J (Jugoslavia), B (Belgrade), S (Sarajevo), and R (Rome). Rome, according to him, as the last city in Europe that are preventing the two men. After that, they come out of the continent towards a place called the island of Sumbawa.
Sosro read the translation of the diary, "On the first day in December, we had to go to the R to receive a letter passport which then managed to get us to leave Europe". Description is in accordance with the data on the passport dr. Poch which states, passport numbered 2624/51 is given in Rom (without the final letter a). In the record book Dragnovic name associated with Rome.
Sosro again show Age magazine edition May 14, 1984 when talking about Berlin and Salzburg. According to him, the crash history of recorded events that brought Hitler's secret letters in the vicinity of East Germany in 1945. This fact is a clue about their escape route. * Graveyard G.A. Poch in North Ngagel, Surabaya
About the escape Hitler, Sosrohusodo save the story is heard from the community where he served in Sumbawa. The people there told me, at one point they saw the emergence of the submarine from the sea, followed by the landing of a spacecraft that is round.
"I heard this story from mouth to mouth. I wonder, is this something to do with a possible flight of Hitler's use of submarines to the waters of Sumbawa Europe? Not so clear. But also not something that is not possible, "he said.
Sosro very confident, and as important as those of Hitler have loyal followers. Impossible if they do not have a rescue strategy for its highest leadership. Moreover, later known several previous allegations about the end of Hitler's life, not a single definite.
"So, not something that is impossible if his followers chose the island of Sumbawa in Indonesia. Because while it may be spelled out as an area of Indonesia that is still open to be used as a hiding place. Location of Sumbawa Island, too far from Continental Europe, "he reasoned.
Sosro also tells about the confession Mrs S associated with it. One day her husband shaved his mustache with a mustache like Hitler, then S questioned the similarity of Hitler mustache with a mustache. Poch even confirmed that he is Hitler. "But do not tell anyone," it quotes Mrs S. Sosro
Sosrohusodo may include a person who firmly holds the mandate. This was proven when he sealed an extension name of Mrs S. She just gave entrance to the complete identity in the form of photographs and names of places Babakan Ciamis.
At least there are two photos showing the marital relationship between Mrs. S and Poch. Photos made in Sumbawa was called Sosro as photos when both were married at the hall of the district. The use of the marquee as a place of celebration show Poch a respected position among the local community.
In the photo it looks Poch was getting older, a bit oversized suit, white shirt, tie, and glasses. While S was wearing a white kebaya, batik berkain, and bun-stranded flowers that fell on his right chest. His right hand holding a fan. They are enshrined in a standing position.
While on the other photo, Poch and S sat in a chair. While behind them stood three men. If a smile tugging at her lips looked S, then in the second picture Poch face so cold. By the marriage of that, said Sosro, reputedly Poch converted into a Muslim. He changed the name to Djamaluddin. Then they moved to Surabaya.
But his new name as a convert to Islam was apparently not used. It can be seen on the tomb Poch at the General Cemetery North Ngagel, Jalan Bung Tomo, Surabaya. On his tombstone is written the name G. A. Poch. Later I found out G.A. Georg stands (without the "e") Anton.



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